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5 Perfect Microwavable Meals Whilst Living Without Your Kitchen…

Having a new kitchen installed can be very stressful. If you’re planning your dream kitchen, working out the latest kitchen trends and finding the right kitchen fitters it can take up a lot of time and effort.

But there’s more to having a new kitchen installed than the B&Q adverts suggest…

Dealing with the dust and mess throughout your home is just one issue with having building work completed.

But have you thought about how you might cope without your oven or hob?

Well, we’re here to try and help.

An image of our Instant Kitchen
Our Instant Kitchen is available for hire in Hampshire, Surrey, London and throughout the UK.

If you want to find out more about our mobile temporary kitchen which you can hire during your home renovation then just click the link below:

The Instant Kitchen Company

If not, then The Instant Kitchen Company is here to help with our choice of ‘5 perfect microwaveable kitchen meals’, if you decide you want to put up with the inconvenience of living without a kitchen during your renovation or insurance claim…

Microwave meal #1

An image of a Jambalaya
Jambalaya microwave meal – living without your kitchen

The Jambalaya is one of the tastiest and filling microwave kitchen meals (be careful how much spice you add though)!

Microwave meal #2

Microwave risotto primavera - easy to create whilst the kitchen fitters are in

This risotto is a filling and nutritious meal. Easy to create as one of your microwave kitchen meals. Warm and comforting it can help living whilst without your kitchen.

Microwave meal #3

Microwave 10-minute Loaded Potato a meal for living without your kitchen
Loaded Jacket Potato – perfect microwave meal during a kitchen installation

Who wouldn’t want a loaded potato? A quick and very easy to create warm meal. If you decide not to hire a temporary kitchen from The Instant Kitchen Company then make sure you grab a few jacket spuds from your local grocer!

Microwave Meal #4

Microwave 4-minute BBQ Chicken Nachos perfect for living during a kitchen renovation
Whip up some quick nachos during your home renovation

Looking for a crowd pleaser? This BBQ nachos dish can easily be turned into a vegetarian/vegan dish and will be enjoyed by all the family! Living without your kitchen during your renovation has never been so tasty! This is our favourite from the microwave kitchen meals.

Microwave Meal #5

Steamed Broccoli veggie meal whilst you are going through an insurance claim and are without your kitchen
Easy vegan microwave meal during your new kitchen installation

The veggie option to delight the taste buds. Steamed broccoli with the added flavour of lemon and garlic is sure to be a hit with the diet conscious. If you’ve got the builders in then don’t worry, you can stay on track with this simple meal.

Living without a kitchen can put additional strain and stress on family life and routine. We are here to change that with our mobile temporary kitchen hire. Whether you are undergoing a kitchen renovation or having to deal with an insurance claim, then get in touch to find out about pricing and availability.

What do you think to our list? Got any favourites you want to share? How would you cope living without your kitchen?

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If you want to find out more about our mobile temporary kitchen then find out more now… The Instant Kitchen Company