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The Story

In 2018 Steve and Matthew Harper began developing The Instant Kitchen Company.

After running a kitchen and bathroom installation business for nearly 10 years, the father and son team noticed a gap in the home renovation market. They knew that living without a kitchen is hard, and set out to create a solution. The Instant Kitchen Company was born.

With decades of trade knowledge and experience between them, Steve and Matthew realised their clients were fed up with having to spend money on unhealthy takeaways and eating dreadful microwave meals daily, for weeks on end, during an installation. Steve and Matthew found clients were often worried about how long their kitchen installation would take, and for how long they would have to wash their dishes in their bath. They knew to live without a kitchen was very stressful and having a boiling kettle in the hallway can be very dangerous, so by creating a temporary kitchen solution they set out to change that.

The bespoke made Instant Kitchen trailer was locally manufactured and designed to give clients access to all the kitchen facilities they would expect to find in their own home.

Since inception, clients have been raving about how easy hiring a temporary kitchen from The Instant Kitchen Company has been. It has been delivered to multiple locations across the UK and been featured in trade magazines, local newspaper articles and even on a trading podcast – Trades Talking.

In 2019, Matthew Harper and The Instant Kitchen Company successfully pitched for and were awarded a place on the Natwest Entrepreneurial Business Accelerator Programme.

The Instant Kitchen Company now strives to deliver innovation and convenience to the home renovation market, and insurance industry across the UK, growing its partnerships and customer base every day.

Whether you are looking to get your new kitchen from B&Q, Howdens, Magnet, Wren, or one of the many local kitchen retailers, then make sure you ask about our Instant Kitchen. The solution in mobile temporary kitchen hire.

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