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Questions about hiring a temporary kitchen?

Does the Instant Kitchen have running water?

Yes, it has hot and cold running water. All we require is an outside tap or mains cold water source to hook up to. We supply the hoses and will hook everything up. This is part of our hassle-free guarantee.

How do you get electricity to the Instant Kitchen?

All we need is a 13amp double socket. We supply the cables and we will hook everything up! This is part of our hassle-free guarantee.

How does the oven and hob run?

Our oven and hob runs on LPG (liquified Petroleum Gas) just like an ordinary gas cooker at home. All the LPG is supplied, and we will make sure there is plenty for your rental!

Where does all the waste water from the sink, dishwasher and washing machine go?

Our Instant Kitchen is able to pump the wastewater over 30m and uphill. As with the water supply and electrics, we will supply the hoses and set everything up for you, so all we require is access to a wastewater drain.

Where can I put the Instant Kitchen during my rental?

Our Instant Kitchen will need to be parked on your driveway or on privately owned land. This is so we are covered on the insurance.

Can I park the Instant Kitchen on the street outside my house during the rental?

Currently, we are unable to offer our temporary kitchen rental for properties without a driveway. This is due to liability and council regulations.

Will the Instant Kitchen damage my driveway?

No. Our Instant Kitchen only weighs the same amount as a Nissan Qashqai and we also use protective pads when stabilising the temporary kitchen.

How much space on our driveway will the Instant Kitchen take up?

Our Instant Kitchen is roughly the same size as a Ford Transit van (but much bigger inside!) We need approximately 6m x 2.5m of parking space.

Our driveway is not very flat; can we use our driveway?

Unfortunately, we are unable to park on a sloping driveway at the moment.

How much does it cost to hire a temporary kitchen?

Our temporary kitchen hire costs vary depending on location and length of rental. To find out how much your rental might be then just fill out our enquiry form.

Who can hire an Instant Kitchen?

Everyone. We hire to all types of clients. We are here as a complimentary service. We ourselves know the value of our service and want other businesses to see how great it is for kitchen installers, kitchen retailers and clients a-like.

Is the Instant Kitchen safe?

Yes! We carry both LPG and Electrical certificates which are updated annually. We also hold public liability insurance if the need ever occurred.

Which days do you deliver?

We can deliver 7 days a week! If you are installing a new kitchen on a Monday then having our Instant Kitchen delivered at the weekend gives you or your clients plenty of time to set up our temporary kitchen and get prepared for their new fitted kitchen on the Monday.

Where do you deliver?

Our temporary kitchen can be rented across the UK. From Hampshire to Surrey, from London to Birmingham, please get in touch if you would like to know how much our temporary kitchen would cost to have it delivered to you.

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