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Tips for washing up in the bath (if you decide not to hire a temporary kitchen)…

Washing up in the bath if not hiring a temporary kitchen from the instant kitchen company
Washing up in the bath if not hiring a temporary kitchen from The Instant Kitchen Company

Thinking of having a new kitchen?

Searching for new kitchen ideas and trends on Google?

…but have you thought about how you will cope without your sink during your kitchen installation?

Living without your kitchen isn’t easy, we know that. Cooing, cleaning and making the daily lunches can be a complete upheaval.

That’s why our temporary kitchen is available for hire.

But just incase you decide not to hire our Instant Kitchen during your kitchen renovation, then here’s our tips to help…

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Our Instant Kitchen - mobile temporary kitchen hire
Hire our temporary kitchen during your kitchen installation

Preventing back pain

One issue with washing your dishes in the bath during a construction project is back pain. The position of being bent over the side of your bath can be very uncomfortable. 

The Instant Kitchen Company - Picture of lady aching from washing up in bath
Back pain whilst washing up in the bath – having to live without a kitchen during a renovation

To raise the position of the washing up you could use a piece of old board and lay it across the top of the bath. Using a washing up bowl the dishes will be above the level of the bath saving you from reaching down into the bottom. 

Remember though, you may need another board to act as the drainer.

Bath tap hose

Another way to make life easier is to purchase an old-fashioned bath tap hose. The rubber hose fits over the end of the bath tap and creates a DIY shower hose giving you much more flexibility with washing the dishes. If you already have a shower connection on your bath taps then you could just use the hose from this.

The Instant Kitchen Company - Image  of replacement tap hose for washing up in the bath
Using a bath hose to wash dishes while the kitchen fitters install your new kitchen

Using a hose will potentially help with preventing back pain, but hiring a temporary kitchen from us here at The Instant Kitchen Company will help even more, giving you all the kitchen facilities you need during your renovation.

Drying off your dishes in the bath

After washing your dishes in the bath during your kitchen renovation, you could always use a wire drying rack to help the dishes dry. This will prevent them from being placed directly on the bottom of the bath and potentially scratching or damaging the surface.

The Instant Kitchen Company - Image of dishes being washed up in the bath
A drying will help with the bathroom dish washing whilst having a new kitchen installed

Saving the planet

If you are conscious about your domestic water usage and think you could save a few litres on washing the dishes in the bath, then you could always consider using the water for bathing after as well.

The Instant Kitchen Company - Man using his bath water to wash up dishes in the bath whilst he is possibly living without his kitchen
Washing the dishes whilst in the bath is one way to save water during your kitchen installation

We do not recommend this though, as it could lead to issues with hygiene.

Have you got any stories about having to live without your kitchen?

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